What Does Personal Training Cost?

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Personal Training services and programs price guide:

Before you ask what the average cost is, you need to determine what exactly you want and need from personal training. This is a question I get everyday, and the real answer is, it depends. There are many different types of programs and services to choose from when seeking to hire a personal training team. When your thinking about sessions, in general, the industry is pretty straight forward on this. The average cost of personal training is between $80-125 an hour. However, making a blanket statement about cost is not helpful and, frankly, seems terrifying.

Specific Costs = Specific Benefits

Let’s make one thing clear: when determining costs of anything, the average does absolutely nothing for anyone with the exception of possibly scaring the shit out of them.

Most personal training studios have multiple programs to choose from in order to best meet their client’s goals. That being said, everyone should have some sort of coach or trainer.

Yes, even trainers.

Training often gets a rep as if  it’s for a one-size-fits-all community and disseminated by some creep with oiled abs and frosted tips. This is almost never the case. Personal training programs are typically executed by true-blue educated and hard-working professionals. The programs they use are often one of the following:


30 min sessions ($30-$60)

50-60 min sessions ($80-$125)

Small group training sessions (3-5 people) ($25-$45)

Personalized workout programs (Monthly programs you to complete on your own) ($25-$250)

Nutrition Programs ($25-$400)

Larger group training sessions (6-12 people) ($50-$250 per month)

Specialized Coaching Sessions ($75-$300)


The right trainer can be a huge resource for a person. Whether it means helping those work out for the first time, or assisting and coaching someone very advanced—there are multiple options to consider before you determine what you are willing to pay.

Keep in mind: a good trainer or team of trainers will not sell you something you do not need. This is counter-intuitive for them. You will only develop buyer’s remorse, and the relationship will sour. A good team of trainers want their clients to get results and understand this is a team effort. The only options are giving you what you need, reevaluating, and helping you progress.

Clearly Outline Your goals, Develop a Plan Together

As stated above, this is a team effort. If you are shopping for training, and you get the sense that this person or team does not care about you or are not invested in your goals, you are wasting your time and most importantly wasting your money.


Setting goals and timelines are important when choosing a training program. This helps you and your training team manage each other’s expectations from the start. If you are not on the same page, you both run the risk of either committing to a program that will not work for you (too much, too little, completely ridiculous, etc.) or, sometimes worse, not committing to anything at all. Remember why you are there. This is a results-driven business. If you and your potential trainer cannot communicate well from the start, the likelihood of you achieving any sort of result is very low. Nobody wants this, not you and not your trainer. Just keep in mind, if everyone understands each other from the start and develop a strong plan together, everyone gets what they want, and the costs justify the means.


Transparency, Honesty, and Integrity = Professional

Not every personal trainer is a career trainer, and that is a damn shame. Personal training is a career for some people who are committed to helping people, working hard, and living a healthy and fit life. I say this because the job of personal training is easy to break into. Many college students, people in-between jobs, etc. get into the business because they think it is easy. Many do not stay very long, and many simply never acquire the knowledge and experience to become skilled. This is not the case for everyone, but certainly for many of them. Be aware of this fact, and choose your team wisely. Again, do not be sold something you do not need or do not want.


Get an assessment!

Always get an assessment before purchasing personal training of any kind!


At the District Athletic Club we require an assessment for any and all training sessions sold. We owe it to you! This is a team effort!! Without one, you can never really determine the proper program for you! A good assessment is designed to help your training team learn about you physically and socially. You should leave feeling like they know what they are talking about and have your best interests in mind. A good assessment does not push you into the most expensive package, talk over you, and tell you what you want. During an assessment with DACPT you can expect a thorough conversation about about you, your routines, goals, and lifestyle. You can expect a personalized physical assessment and a truthful and honest recommendation on what program would best suit your needs and goals!

If your interested in training, need transparent pricing info, and are looking for a team who will listen and drive your results, looks us up at District Athletic Club

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